Yamaha R1 Ignition Unit (1998 - 2002) mod 0106262P1
(Covers Yamaha FTZ 1000 ECU as well.)

Advantages are a peak power increase, In the above case approx. 3BHP, and the ability to over rev the machine and hold the gear longer before up-shifting, which particularly benefits short circuit courses.

This modification shows no significant loss of power in the low or midranges as per dyno graph below on a 1999 unit modified +11% used for racing.

The R1 carb unit standard limiting starts at 11750rpm, with the above service extending this limit to 13200rpm APPROX. before limiting occurs.

Spec Image

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Dyno Graph of Unit Before/After Modification Ignition Map of Unit Before/After Service (TPS Disconnected)
Dyno Graph
FAQ's for Yamaha R1 (1998 - 2002) ECU Service:
Will the service give more BHP?
A: As the graph shows, there is a small power increase, BUT the RPM can be held longer to save on gear changes.
How much is the F/A altered on this service?
A: The F/A graph will be shifted by approx 11% from standard, meaning that for example when the engine is running at 10000RPM it will be fuelling for 9100RPM. In most of the ECU's that we have done for this engine the F/A has never had to be changed by re-jetting, except sometime for engines running ALCOHOL (Methanol) where extreme tuning has taken place. If in doubt, get your F/A checked by your tuner.
Will an aftermarket alarm system or immobilizer still work with this modified ECU?

A: Yes absolutely no changes have been made to the electrical operation of the ECU. No antitheft circuitry existed on the 98-02 R1 ECU units.

Will the Tachometer still read as before or has the service changed this?
A: No issues with the modification on the Tachometer accuracy/function UNLESS the EXUP system has been removed  Please email:sales@vtac.co.uk for more information on this.
My bike is fitted with a NON STANDARD exhaust system/can, will this service still work as shown?
A: The ECU will still operate as described above, but as mentioned, if you are in ANY doubt, then please get your Tuner to check your F/A ratio to be sure that all is correct.

WARNING!, After having this ECU service it is strongly advised that your tuner check your FUEL/AIR ratios throughout the RPM range as changes may be required after this service.

This service does NOT guarantee to increase power as it is used primarily on modified engines and to extend the RPM range for racing purposes.

WARNING: These modifications are advised with caution due to stresses caused by the additional RPM available to the rider and are only suitable for a race prepared engine, which can handle the additional RPM available. Please consult your Tuner or Garage if ANY in doubt.

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